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Honestly guys – its you that you need to be congratulating – you pushed, encouraged and inspired me to make these changes and stick to them!

Cassie – momentum is a great thing!!!

Quinn – “remove the fork from my fist” LOL Stay strong!!

Mandy – I measured every which way lol maybe it was 25 and I gained an inch in muscle(very unlikely!)…I’m wondering now if I had a few drinks before measuring the first time…jk! Hope to hear from you LOTS this week!!

Nobe – thank you and Good luck on your goals this week!

April – I will continue to work hard as long as everyone else here is!

Tunn – Thank you as well and check in often!

Mike – thank you …. I have been drinking around 80-100 everyday especially with my workouts! MIN 80 oz IT IS!! I will make the necessary revisions!
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