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Originally Posted by camilleca View Post
I've (re)discovered this site (I joined it months ago, but then my weight loss goals kind of fizzled out). I joined WeightWatchers a few months ago, and was wondering if it was worth it to stick with this program. It seems that the points system teaches me a few things, but it also seems that I would rather learn about the actual calorie/nutrition components of foods rather than just count points. I don't know. Is there something I'm missing about WW?
I skipped all the pages to here, so I'm not sure what you decided. For my money, WW was good for accountability, but not for lifestyle change. If you're just using it for accountability, TOPS is more economical ($26/year national dues, $5/month local dues). I liked TOPS much better. TOPS has a published eating guide, but they talk more about lifestyle changes than actual eating plans--you generally use the food plan chosen by you or your doctor (unlike WW who always got upset because I was on Atkins and losing much faster than the other club members).
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