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Yawn! Happy Monday everyone! I think I am going to have to admit that I may never be a weekend warrior. I did absolutely awesome with my goals this weekend and the weight loss is there to prove it. This morning I weighed 256.4lbs. That is down from post-TOTM weight of 263.4lbs last Monday. I almost expect to start the bounce back up a few now since I have lost about a pound a day for the past three days.

I got all the housework done that I wanted to do. Now tonight and tomorrow my dad & his gf will be at the house. We are having a cookout with them this evening including ***food porn:burgers, hot dogs, homemade potato salad & baked beans. Oh gosh, I just drooled on my keyboard! On a side note...I am anxious to try these Fat Free Ball Park Beef Franks. They only have 50 calories compared to 190!! in one standard Ball Park Beef Frank. They will be on the grill. And to me any hot dog all darkened on a grill has to be a good thing. I will let you know tomorrow how they are. ... Don't let me forget the dessert (for son's bday) strawberry shortcake with home baked angel food cake, fresh strawberries & cool whip.

Oh, BTW, is lent over now? Can I stop putting the diet coke in my goals? I don't drink any soda anymore anyway except maybe a sip from my hubby's when I take it to him (and it's diet then too).

Health / Fitness Goals...
1. 100 oz water daily
2. No Diet Coke (lent)
3. No salt added to the plate
4. Less than 50% carbs
5. 5000 calorie deficit (may be tough with 2 days off work)
6. Shred 4 times minimum
7. Weigh and post it M: 256.4lbs,

Life Goals...
1. Get another forsynthia bush hacked off
2. Enjoy Monday/Tuesday with Dad
3. Read something not on the internet 2hrs this week (doesn't have to be all at once)
4. Take girls for a walk (gotta get Chloe better on leash before camping)

Jho ... Congrats on the loss! You worked hard for it!!

Quinn ... Oh Gosh! Good luck holding to one dessert at that dinner this week.

Cassie ... Thank you for keeping up with me & my son last week. It's funny how I forget to update when things are going well with us. ... Hope your weekend momentum sticks!! Mine too

Hope ... I hope this is a better week for you.

Mandy ... Stick with it! You can do it. Even if you aren't making your goals it helps to post about it.

Mike ... I don't think I said anything yet, but nice bike! I'm more of a Harley type of girl myself but I know if my boys get bikes when they are older they will be your style. That is what they look at when we go to the 'toy stores'.

Anyone heard from Amy? or Mern?
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