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Ew. Monday.

I kinda dropped off last week but I can assure you that I did not meet most of my goals. This week I'm determined to stay with it.

1) Above 1000 but under 1300
2) No late-night snacking!
3) Calisthenics at least 3 days this week and no half-assing it.
4) A mid-afternoon or after-dinner walk every night

1) 3 Sections of math homework
2) Finish all online biology lectures and ace my exam
3) Spend less time on the internet (Fitday can be a small exception as long as I'm not on constantly)

In other news, does anybody have any great April Fools stories to share?
- Mandy

College junior, biology major, grocery store supervisor, lover of food!

Height => 5'2"
September 2011 => 197 lb
Current weight => 162 lb (again... )
Ultimate goal => 135 lb
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