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Cassie - We did it!!! If the worst thing you had was a couple of granola bars then good for you!!

When I "cheat" I normally go on a binge that may include a whole bag of Doritos (mmmmmmm Cool Ranch).... followed by a bag of Cadbury mini eggs AND probably finished with a huge bowl of Icecream... with mashed cookies in it....and chocolate chips...... and more doritos if I didn't finish the bad the first time around..... I have a feeling I may cheat a little next week LOL

Nobe - You may think that Richard Simmons is great but the best DVD is TaeBo with Billy Blanks - man he gets me pumped! I think this week I might try the Bootcamp workout offered at the Y!! Glad to see your spirits are up!!

Mike - great job checking in! You probably feel blah because of everything you mentioned including not eating!!! Plus its Sunday and you know you have to work tomorrow Good job on the RAK's!! I'll probably be doing some RACKing this week (Random Act of Coupon Kindness)!
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