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well... my diet has pretty much been nonexistent since I got my bike. I haven't logged a thing but I haven't eaten much. Today I got up and played tennis for a couple hours (not hardcore playing) then went home, got cleaned up and jumped on the bike. It wasn't until 4:00pm that I put the first piece of food in my belly. It's amazing how much you can eat when bored and how little you eat when occupied. pretty much all my calories have been coming on in the evening.

I just weighed myself and I was 181.0, the same thing that I was Tuesday morning. I usually weight 3 pounds more in the evening, so I'm probably 2-3 pounds down. I'm getting a tan and I'm probably dehydrated as well.

I'm about to take the girls (Chloe' and Mytsie) to the store (in the car)and get something for dinner. I'm going to try to guzzle some water because I kinda feel... blah.
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