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1)Walk 3 x -No, NO If I feel better will have to aim for this, Yes short walk, No, No (wanted to but had doctor's appointment), NO
2) gym 3 x - Yes, NO If I feel better, will have to not even try 3 lb weights, No,No, yes
3) 1650 per day (plus one cheat) No (over 2000) No (over 2000) No, No, Yes, 1458
4) 6 glasses of water -8, 9, 9, ?, 7, 6
5) meditate- NO, NO, Yes,[COLOR="red"] No[/COLOR], Yes, No
6) write one hour per day -YES broke my block!!! writing class + writing at home so Y, Yes, NO, Yes, No
7) return books to library ( surely I can do that? My name is not Shirley - remember from the movie Airplane?)- YES, DONE, brought more stuff in8) STAY POSITIVE _YES, YES, YES, YES, Yes, Yes
9) 3 servings of veg minimum- YES, NO, YES, NO, Yes, Yes
10) be a stretchy mama -YES, NO, YES, YES, Yes, Meh

Congrats Terri!!! I know you're gonna nail 155. I know it!!!!

As for me, I am too much in the red but watch out next week!!! I'm gonna nail it!! (tho Passover is gonna be tough)
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