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Hi ladies,

I am SUPER BUSY this morning so I will check in properly with Saturday/Sunday numbers later. But I had to report!!

I hopped on the scale this morning (I normally don't weigh Sundays, but it's for the April Fool's 10% challenge) and I saw 156.1!!!

I hopped on and off about ten times in disbelief but the number was rock solid and not even fluctuating around.l

This plateau is breaking. I can feel it. I've actually been super-sore this entire week but it hasn't been reflective on the scale (Usually when I'm sore for real, from workouts or whatever, the numbers skyrocket from inflammation) so I've been telling myself that my body is howling in protest of giving up the weight it's grown so comfortable in. In telling myself that it's been really motivating in a me-against-my-fat kind of way, lol, and it's made me be really accountable. 155 is coming up soon, and I am now at a BMI of 25.98, so I'm officially less than 1 BMI count away from that healthy weight (which I hit officially at 150.2)

When I hit 155 I told myself I'd consider this plateau officially over. I am COMING for you 155! Do you HEAR ME?! You can howl and scream all you want, muscles and fat, but you're not stopping me!!!!
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Estimated final goal: 130-140 lbs.
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