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Cassie - Good luck on the double workout!!!!!!!! I feel like I live on Fitday... If I'm logging in here it means I'm not eating junk!!

I should not feel this stressed out to get on the scale tomorrow .... I've been working hard, meeting my goals and I feel great. I know I need to tweak my food a little bit and concentrate on more protein but I think If I don't weigh in I may go nuts - even 1/2 a lb would be enough to satisfy my brain into knowing I'm going in the right direction!

I was going to give myself a break today but I think I need to hop on the Elliptical just to work out some of this stress - my rational is that if I don't get on today, and the scale is up - I will blame myself for not getting on that one day! Its so weird - its like I'm addicted to working out.... I guess thats good... hubby is somewhat encouraging but I almost felt like he was mad at me for going to workout for half an hour yesterday - he looked at me with a face that said "really? your going to workout again" like I was inconveniencing him... Maybe he is a little jealous that I am on the wagon and he hasn't had the guts to hop on with me?? (I'm being such a women overanalyzing again!- sorry)
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