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There is a better way.

Fitday uses a string of numbers at the end of the address bar to represent the date. When you log in, you'll need to click on "show previous day" for the numbers to appear. Left click in the address bar and it will highlight the whole address, then left click again to get a movable cursor. Hit your right arrow key to scroll to the end where the numbers are visible. 86400 is added to that number for each day. So if you want to go back one day, deduct 86400 from the number in the address bar, type in the new number and hit the enter key. Be sure you don't erase the period at the end of the address.

- 86400 = 1 day earlier
- 2592000 = 30 days earlier
- 31536000 = 1 year earlier
etc., etc.

Took me a while to figure this out. Used to be the address had a month and year in it and it was easier then. I don't know if having a current weight goal entered will alter your old reports though. I've just used it to go back and copy my menus from 2003.
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