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I read about this last week. It's really horrifying in my opinion. And what kind of man could marry someone with a goal like that? I'm not saying all women should be perfect and tiny or anything, but he's enabling her to kill herself! I'm sure he can feed plenty of other people who love to eat without marrying them or enabling them to kill themselves!

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i also think this is disturbing, and I do believe this woman must have some mental issues to be acting this way (mostly when she has children, she's just eating her way to death), but I also find it disturbing when 90% of the comments in the article say how disgusting she is. When we see an anorexic person (someone who has mental issues as well and struggles with food as a result), our first instinct is to pity them, and feel the need to help them. But when we see someone morbidly obese like that woman, she's just plain disgusting and we don't want her spending our tax money on her poor health.
If she does have mental issues than I take complete pity on her. But there is the possibility that she's just given up on herself and decided that if people are going to judge, she might as well make it a contest.

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Can you imagine how BAD she smells?

There, ya see, I finally thought of something.
Good God. Is it possible to get a mental scent in the same way one gets a mental image? I think this may have just happened.
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