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Default It's not a nutrient but...

Originally Posted by kbear_963 View Post
I am a new user also and I am diabetic. I think tracking my sugars would be more important than tracking my alcohol especially since I don't consider alcohol a nutrient. I hope they change or add sugars to the list of nutrients to be tracked.
While alcohol is not a nutrient (because it is considered a toxin) alcohol does supply calories/energy to the body.

Carbs & Protein both deliver 4 cal/g, Fats deliver 9cal/g, and alcohol delivers 7 cal/g

So if you are drinking alcohol, not tracking it could lead to additional hidden calories; not to mention the sugars.

I too cannot understand WHY does not track sugars. For crimity's sake's free tracking software tracks sugar! We've been asking for FitDay to add Sugar as a category since the first version, do they not listen?!
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