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Originally Posted by jbiletch View Post
I would also like to track my sugars. I want to know my sugar grams in relation to carb intake.

also, I would like to track trans fats. FITDAY GET ON THIS! please
Unfortunately, I think trying to track trans fats is almost worthless. According to the regulations, there can be up to .5 grams per serving and they can still list it as 0 on the label. Food manufacturers are so savvy that they keep it at or under that .5 g and show the 0 on the label, knowing that the public is watching trans fat like a hawk these days.

You're better off avoiding products with partially hydrogenated oils than seeing a 0 on a label and thinking you didn't consume any trans fat. The way the system works now, you could, in theory, eat four different things over the course of a day, having 0 on all labels, but actually have eaten 2 grams of trans fat .

I also think (but don't remember the details) that naturally occurring trans fat is different in important ways from the trans fat that comes from partially hydrogenated oils, and that it's not as bad for you as the engineered stuff, but would have to look that up to be sure. But I am definitely sure that partially hydrogenated fats are the evil ones when it comes to trans fat, so if you avoid foods that list that ingredient, you should be good.

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