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Guys, thank you for your support. Abby, you are right it is a big picture thing but I had to laugh because I weigh myself in the morning AND at night!!!

Becca, I am looking at today as a new start since I have def fallen off that wagon with lots of sodium - as JonJaxmom points out. And Megan I am in the same boat as you (to mix metaphors with wagons and boats.) As for The Biggest Loser, maybe if I had Jillian or Bob whipping my butt and chefs whipping up meals I'd be in great shape too!!! (that or in the hospital from exhaustion.)

But today I resisted high sodium soup AND cupcakes (my DD and her bff baked 6 dozen for one boy- bff's bf who is so buff and weight conscious I think he will be alarmed by them. The girls ate 8 of em already. Uh huh. Don't ask) No salty soup, no cupckaes I am a winner!!! Of course, it helps that the cupcakes are made with Mountain Dew or Monster but the pb choc ones (the only ones not made with caffeinated beverages) smell pretty good.
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