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Default Don't cut too many calories!

You are right about the lactic acid! Be sure to express your supply before working out and HYDRATE during and after. You don't want baby getting all of the bad stuff your body is getting rid of. Secondly you only need to consume an additional 300-ish calories to maintain a healthy milk supply. (healthy calories) But going tdown to 750 a day is extreme. I was told to get a diet plan that set a attainable goal weight and then add 300 calroies a day for the nursing. If you make sure those calories are healthy ones and good fats... (ie your omega 3's, fish, avacado, olive oil etc) you won't mess with your milk supply.

Easier said than done! Having trouble sticking to mine.. I keep craving really bad calories. Ughh, day one again tomorrow.
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