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Talking Welcome!

Welcome Jan & KSgirl! Great to have you!
Sounds like we are hanging in there and doing the right things. I keep reminding myself...small steps! Slow & steady wins the race. I am eating well, especially compared to prior to 1/4 when I started. I am really watching the portion control. For dinner, I now use a smaller plate or rounded bowl. It really helps...b/c I tend to always finish my plate. But if there is less there, I don't go back for 2nds and eat less! It really works for me.
We recently got Netflix, and I have added some exercise videos to my instant que (can watch anytime). So now I just have to do one. But seems the only time I can is after 8pm...after a full day of work, dinner, taking care of a 2 yr old, bedtime, etc. So by now, I am tired and so do not want to exercise. uggh!
I may need to get up early to do it!
One thing at a time.
Hang in there ladies. We are more sexy just for being on this journey!
Thanks for all the support to one another. I know I appreciate it!
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