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Originally Posted by dianemancino1 View Post
Ok, not only did I upgrade to version 2, but I'm currently subscribing to the online version since I'm Actively journaling- you know how it goes, you start a new effort or diet plan.

Well that is worth it- the online version sync makes online life easier, there are more features to use also. Again I say wait till you get fired up.

I changed from Atkins to the Mayo Clinic Diet, so it was total retraining and found Fitday very helpful to plan my daily menu out BEFORE I ate it.

It still needs updating. For a paid softwear, I've found spelling errors and I shouldn't have to customize some commonly known foods. I'd love to find restaurant foods on here.

I'd like to track medical information like blood pressure...which is dropping after 3 weeks and just 8 lbs down, so I really want to track.

I'm leaving for a trip in a few minutes- taking a new meal plan on a diet- a common test we all face. Away from my computer and onto my laptop to track fitday- lets see how this really syncs!
Diane, I agree--well worth it! I use PC almost exclusively these days. I also agree that the food database could be better, but it's not THAT much of a hassle to add a custom food (especially with the recipe builder). Also, you can track BP and other custom things on-line with Premium, even though they don't sync with PC like your foods and activities do.

PC is great when you have to be away or off-line for a while, then you get back, just sync and you're all up-to-date.

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