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Yup, I was sad that my "va-va-va- voom" dress no longer had any voom left in it after I lost about 20 pounds... I was sad that I no longer had a va-va-va-voom dress in my wardrobe, but once those "nice" clothes or the newer clothes or the clothes that made you feel "good in them" before are just downright baggy, you will not feel any sadness... I guarantee. I had a few dresses waiting for "when I lose 5 more pounds this will fit" with tags on them! Gone... I was happy to part with them.

I buy everything on clearance... so those racks, and thrift stores will be good friends for a while until you reach your goal. And yes, not wanting to buy new clothes is normal. Especially if you see buying clothes as a reward, just about every 15 pounds or so is a size... I'm limiting myself to 2 church dresses, 2 pr of pants and 1 new tee shirt until I get to my goal. Most of my clothes are way too big right now.
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