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I hope I don't miss anyone and if I do please speak up!

Mern ... Oh so sorry to laugh at your gas story! That sounds painful but the way you tell it is comical. ... Your omelettes always sound so good. I am tempted to make one in the morning and bring it along to work. I always eat breakfast after I am at work for the day. ... I can't say the same for your celery with cheese & horseradish sauce though. That one doesn't appeal to me. I'd have to go for the PB on that one. LOL

Luv ... 2 oreos? Wow girl! That is some willpower. You will get right back to your pact today, I know you will.

Cassie ... Isn't it funny how something can bring back a memory of our kids being just babies and it seems just like yesterday? I wouldn't want to go back to the colicky days though. Oh Em Gee!

Nobe ... You are getting some nice deficits this week. ... LOL that is right, murder won't help me lose weight and I don't stay stressed out for long. It takes a good bit to get me going.

Mike ... Can you get the policies written up and then submit them next week so they hit that quarter? ... I hate when salesmen play that game. They never get my sale when they start that crap. ... I would count what you did for your brother as a RAK.

Stessa ... Nice to see someone else who is passionate about their animals. I know there are several of us here. I don't exactly work with rescue but all my boxers have been dogs that their current family was going to send to the shelter if nobody took them. One day I hope to have more time to be able to do some foster work for a boxer rescue.

Crazigerl ... What a touching story about your dad and the greyhounds! Brought a little tear to my eye. :') A happy tear though. ... Rest your legs for a day or two to ease up that pain. No sense in further injuring it. You can work arms seated if you need to be doing some form of exercise.

Tunnrida ... I did my Jillian work today too. I did the last day of level two of the 30 day shred. Tomorrow will be day 1 of level 3. I watched it last night and OMG I don't know how I am going to manage all that. I am a much bigger girl than they are!

Quinn ... I have a hard enough time keeping up after my 1 house. I don't know how you are managing 2!

Freshman ... Glad your BF/parents intro went well. ... Splurges happen. The best thing you can do is start over right now. Don't fall into that trap of feeling like you should just take the rest of the day off. Sometimes we have to restart with each bite, meal, hour, day...whatever it takes. You can do it!

Terri ... Congrats on getting the next step of the interview process! I hope that your meeting there goes well and you figure out if it is a good fit for you or not.

Ama ... If you are showing a deficit daily and your scale is going up you may want to look for sodium in your diet. Sodium makes our bodies hold water. Also are you logging sleep as an activity. It will reduce your spent calories if you log the sleep in. If you are doing all these things and it is still off....are you weighing & measuring your food? Maybe you are underestimating your portion sizes. Just some suggestions.
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