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Originally Posted by Freshman30 View Post
What did he do to yank your chain?
Yesterday he gave me one price on both bikes that was inline with just about every dealer selling them online. I wasn't sure if the 1000 (the black one) was $10,700 or $10,800 and if the 750 (blue one) was $9600 or $9700. I'm in sales myself and don't like to waste someones time, I like to crunch number and see if it works or not. (I did the same thing back in December when we went and bought a new F150). I called him today to verify the price and he was saying the price was like a $1000 higher!!! I confirmed that this was last years model (2011) because the price was much higher than what he told me yesterday and much higher than everyone else. He then scoffed at me and said that I don't even know if I want the 750 or 1000 so why should he waste his time working up a price. I told him "Are you serious? I'm trying to make this easier on you! If you don't want to sell a bike, I'll go elsewhere." I then told him that I'd prefer a Blue and White 1000, he said that it would cost more b/c they don't have it in stock and he'd have to ship it. I told him that I have a damn pickup truck, if I decide on that one, I'll go pick it up myself... I might as well buy it from that dealer while at it.

The problem is that he has three 2011's and the sale ends on Saturday. If they don't sell them asap they will be stuck with them since the 2012's are on there whay and who would buy a 2011 AFTER the sale ends when they can just get a 2012.

I'm very easy, I ask for a price and that's it. I don't like to play games, either you can do a deal or not, it's that simple. It's not like I'm asking for anything special, there are 1/2 dozen on ebay for the same price or LOWER than his original price... and I was fine with that b/c I'd rather buy local than have to ship. He's obviously too stupid to realized that I'm not out kicking tires and actually serious about buying.
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