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Originally Posted by taubele View Post
Freshman: Pasta can be dangerous!!! I like your plan of just going for a workout. Eat sensibly the rest of the day and hopefully it'll be less than a blip on the weight radar. Hey, sometimes bodies even respond well to a random high-cal day (mine certainly seems to, anywho). Good luck to you!
Originally Posted by Mern View Post
Freshman, wonderful that your parent-boyfriend introduction went well. Lasagna does happen sometimes! Portion control is one of my biggest problems when it comes to pasta. Kudos on the idea for the hardcore workout. Wishing you good control the rest of the day.
Yeah, I plan on doing veggies for the rest of the day. Pasta is definitely my weakness! My workout made me feel a bit better about it. Don't you love when you jump off a treadmill or finish cardio and you can feel your heartbeat throughout your entire body!?

Taubele- It seems like we're both having luck with our boyfriends this week!

April- I don't know if anger burns calories (although some days I wish it would because I might never have to exercise again!) but I do know that stress can inhibit weight loss. Deep breaths!

Thanks again for the ongoing support, everybody! I should have started posting months ago!
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