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Luv, I view the Eat Clean Pact as a valuable tool to help keep us from continuing to dig in--to the best of our ability. If we mess up once in a while, we're still way ahead of the game. We must give ourselves credit for each time the pact has helped us with our willpower. Kudos to you for stopping yourself yesterday. Congrats on the new scale. Best wishes on the new cleaning routines. Crud, I just had my second Hershey Sugar Free Dark Chocolate. Wish I'd held out until this evening. But I'll eat something yummy and nutritious for a snack later--maybe celery stuffed with shredded cheese and horseradish sauce or with peanut butter.

Tori, kudos for treating yourself to the perfume and some fun yesterday!

Cassie, congrats on all the blue in your report! Way to go! Thanks for your kind words. Oh, so sorry you had that experience of your son being colicky as a baby. My oldest granddaughter was colicky, too and we kept the simethicone manufactures in business for quite a while. High praise to whomever discovered simethicone worked for colic/gas--that must have saved the sanity of a LOT of moms and grandmas. LOL

Tunnrida, best wishes on finding a satisfying daytime job. Great job on your protein intake.

Quinn, happy spring cleaning! Kudos on the good idea of the fruit and granola to help you avoid the drive-thru.

Freshman, wonderful that your parent-boyfriend introduction went well. Lasagna does happen sometimes! Portion control is one of my biggest problems when it comes to pasta. Kudos on the idea for the hardcore workout. Wishing you good control the rest of the day.
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