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Originally Posted by VitoVino View Post
Excellent work, frenchhen. But you know what I get from all this? A person has to bust their butt and pull out all the stops just to meet the recommended amount of daily sodium.

I for one am convinced that 1500 is unrealistic for most people, unless of course one has doctor's orders for a low sodium diet. 2300 mg/day is a much more realistic goal. It's not that difficult to keep it at 2100-2600.

So long as the potassium level is consistently at 4700 or above, this amount of sodium should be OK. For the last two months my average potassium has been 5,870 mg/day while my sodium has been 2360 mg/day. It took a while, but a ratio like this is pretty good.

My secret for potassium sources? Sweet potatoes (almost every day), broccoli, carrots, V8 (low sodium), and "No Salt"
My secret to my low salt accomplishment... Star Kist canned Low Sodium tuna, then I rinse and squeeze, rinse and squeeze rinse and squeeze...

one of the few "processed foods" I buy is Thomas' Triple Health english muffins.
When I do need a salty crunchy snack I will eat Beanitos black bean chips.

Everything else I eat except for milk & meat products is pretty much raw or dried. But yes, I am in the kitchen probably two hours a day to make the meals I eat as nutritious as I can. It is a lot of work and lucky for me I enjoy it.
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