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Originally Posted by frenchhen3 View Post

I do the low-salt routine. I have been able to keep my sodium to 1500 per day, but it is a LOT of "from scratch" cooking, a lot of searching to find a rancher, chicken guy, pig guy, butcher... good thing there is a resurgence of the small farm/small ranch to customer business, or I would be lost. I make my own sausages, make my own "Canned soup base" for casserole cooking. I use a lot of acidic food to compensate for the "no salt blandness", lemon juices, lime, grapefruit... etc.
Excellent work, frenchhen. But you know what I get from all this? A person has to bust their butt and pull out all the stops just to meet the recommended amount of daily sodium.

I for one am convinced that 1500 is unrealistic for most people, unless of course one has doctor's orders for a low sodium diet. 2300 mg/day is a much more realistic goal. It's not that difficult to keep it at 2100-2600.

So long as the potassium level is consistently at 4700 or above, this amount of sodium should be OK. For the last two months my average potassium has been 5,870 mg/day while my sodium has been 2360 mg/day. It took a while, but a ratio like this is pretty good.

My secret for potassium sources? Sweet potatoes (almost every day), broccoli, carrots, V8 (low sodium), and "No Salt"

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