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1. One hour of "Me Time" every afternoon. Yes, Kind of...
2. Calories at or below 1200. 1191, 1067
3. Weigh daily. No, kind of afraid to. Yes
4. Water bottle with at all times. Yes, Yes
5. No bread, cheese or butter, etc. None, None
6. Take all vitamins and supplements. Yes, Yes
7. NO MORE FAST FOOD!!! None, None
8. Hike or walk 3 times this week. 0 (weather not cooperating), weather still sucks...

It's been another crazy week... Just a word to all of you that have small children... when they get to high school and join a club or a sport, YOU ALSO join a club or a sport- UUGGHH!!!! Pulled a very late-nighter trying to get last minute deadlines done with daughter.

What's going on, Sweetie? Sorry to be out of the loop. You're strong, confident and smart... sounds like things are starting to look up and move in the right direction. Just keep swimming and it will all work out, I promise.

Great job working through your goals while you're under the weather. I just started to feel better myself. I wasn't able do do much with cold meds either, other than at night when it didn't matter if I was loopy or not! lol

Luv and Ama,
YES! I found the keys... well, actually daughter did... they were hers. I was mad and frustrated because they have a very pricey electronic key fob and anti-theft chip that make them incredibly expensive to replace. (Been there, done that once It was about to rain and I was afraid that they'd be ruined if they got wet.

Your measurements are astounding! What a wonderful accomplishment! I remember when I was losing my weight, I was always blown away by how my measurements changed, even though it was hard to tell by sight. I really encourage everyone to use the measurement features on fitday... you'll be surprised at what you have accomplished... even when the scale is being stubborn.

What a man! He sounds so sweet! He actually sounds a lot like my husband... He tries so hard to keep a secret, but he's not very good at it, either! lol Looks like the door has been opened to do a little "window shopping" for rings!

NO, buying a bike from a salesman to help him make his sales goal does NOT count as a random act of kindness!!!

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