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Originally Posted by Jho82 View Post
[]Hope[/B] - what is a fibro flare?
I have fibromyalgia. A fibro flare is when the symptoms get bad, due to stress, weather, diet, who knows what else?

The list of stuff I tend to suffer from:
deadening of right side of body (loss of grip in hand also)
feeling like my face is split in half with right side dead
electric shocks (this one sucks but is thankfully rare as was my inability to swallow for a while)
fatigue beyond description
IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)
lichen sclerosis (a gynecological disorder)
impaired memory/cognition (called fibrofog)
pain which can be anything from aching to sharp and alarming (I used to end up in ERs; my joke is if I had a heart attack, I wouldn't know it)
change in eyeglass precription
sensitivity to smells and light
exercise intolerance ( I swear I am not making this one up)
breathing difficulties
panic attacks/anxiety
dizziness, loss of balance
brittle nails
skin rashes
sensitivity to meds
food intolerances and allergies
trouble losing weight (also not making up)
charley horse
There's more but I can't remember.

Flares can last a couple of hours to a couple of months.

This one is not that bad in that I was able to drive and strangely, now that it is raining and I spent like 40 hours in bed, I feel a lot better. So today I am blessed.

Bet you're sorry you asked, huh?

Everyone with fibro has it differently. I've seen people who were quite functional with very few symptoms and people who were in wheelchairs. My first doctor, a well known expert in the field, told me I was in the top 30% of the most ill people he had ever seen but I am really quite functional most of the time. Plus DH is awesome, really takes care of me and is my advocate. When people ask what fibro is, he says you have no idea... All in all, I am really pretty lucky, all things considered.

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