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Originally Posted by taubele View Post
The salt problem really is interesting. Also the unlisted potassium problem makes me really mad, too. I'm going to check about the KCl/NaCl salt mixture and see if I can find it around where I am, see how it tastes to me.

Check this out, this is what I now use. I've gotten away from the KCl/NaCl salt mixture as I found I was STILL getting too much sodium:

It took a few months to get used to it however. It's a little "sharper" tasting than sodium salt. But you use less, so the small container lasts a LONG time. And once you get used to the taste, you may actually PREFER it over NaCl. I do.

Then, in a pinch, if you want you could always get 1,470 mg. of Potassium packed into only 50 calories. How? By drinking 8 ounces of Low Sodium V8 juice (50 cals, 820 mg of K) spiked with 1/4 tsp "No Salt" (0 cals, 650 mg K).

Remember, it's not just the high sodium that is killing us. It's the RATIO of the sodium to potassium that is what we should be concerned with as well!

Researchers then looked at what is called the sodium-potassium ratio. A high sodium-potassium ratio means a person consumes more sodium relative to potassium. Sodium-potassium ratios could be improved by either lowering sodium intake or raising potassium intake, or both.

The study found that people with the highest ratios were more than twice as likely to die from a heart attack compared with those with the lowest ratios. They also were 46% more likely to die from a heart-related death compared with those with the lowest ratios. (Looking at all causes of death, people with high ratios saw a 46% higher risk.)
Neutralizing Sodium's Heart Impact

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