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Ok, so here I am in a word doc because the site has eaten 2 posts and sent them into the land of obscurity…..

I had replied to some of you personally but pbbbththt that is out the window now.

Thank-you for the welcome, I will try to be a positive addition. Guess I’ll tell you a little about me.

49 yrs young, married 21 yrs, 3 kids..dd27..dd24….ds almost 20. gs4 and gd 3 months old.

Live in East Tennessee, USA, I/we rescue/adopt retired racing Greyhounds. I love my fur babies and yep, I am one of those animal baby talkers. Never understood those kinds of people until my Salty became my heart dog.

195.0 lbs. as of 3-26
1st goal, 10% of my weight by June 30th.
20lbs, roughly 6.6 lbs a month.

Other goals I will work on over the next few days.

Ok, lets see if I can post this time….
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