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The salt problem really is interesting. Also the unlisted potassium problem makes me really mad, too. I'm going to check about the KCl/NaCl salt mixture and see if I can find it around where I am, see how it tastes to me.

One thing I've loved about Fitday is that I've become far more aware of salt. I tend to hit 2500-3500 per day, which is too high, but before that I was regularly hitting 5,000-6,000, so it's a work in progress. I consciously buy low-salt foods now - my house has low sodium beans, low-or-no sodium seasoning mixtures, low-salt condensed soups (when I buy condensed soup...nowadays it's more like I only buy cream of chicken and such for recipes, and that also comes in a low-salt variety), no-salt chicken broth (when I don't make my own), and other such whenever I can find it.

I find that I've become very used to lower salt content in my food. As Kathy pointed out, the salt in salted butter is usually enough for me when I'm making food with butter, and I just salt everything "to taste" -- and since my taste is used to less salt now, I'm overall using less salt when I cook. I still have trouble logging it faithfully (how much salt is "four sprinkles?" lol) I've also fallen in love with McCormick's "Perfect Pinch" seasoning blends. 5 of them come in entirely salt-free varieties and I find when I use them, I don't miss salt at ALL. The Garlic Pepper is particularly flavorful, and the salt-free ones say it right on the label in big, bold letters.

Salt-free and low-salt is a trend. It's happening, but REALLY slowly.
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