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Wink Forgive me if I missed you.

I quickly edited my comments. Sorry if grammar/spelling is not correct.

Mern ~ How's it going with the EAT CLEAN Pact?

Quinn ~ Did you find your keys? What a pain to lose keys, especially when you have to be somewhere fast!

Terri ~ Hope you will find your way clear with your job options. On that article that you linked about childhood obesity. It's a tough subject. I do not agree with the mother's approach.

I try to emphasize what is healthy, limit sweets and to encourage increase movement. I try to instill in our girls the idea that they are in charge of their bodies & that we love them for who they are. I'm an example of not caring for myself for various reasons, and so now I deal with that consequence. BUT I'm making a change for the better. I let them know why I choose certain foods. My oldest likes to copy my latest strides in eating, although she naturally would eat more healthy than me. My youngest is one that I have to keep after to continue to eat healthy. I so hope that I somehow I guide them into a healthy balance of eating/exercise and attitude.

Mike ~ Last evening, my dh was on the computer. So here I am now. . . .

Ama ~ Keep that swimsuit in mind! What a great motivation to eat clean.

April ~ yeaaaaa!! Look at you losing wt this week. . . .Ha! Ha! The weight-loss glow is an awesome compliment. And Yup! That "hula-hooper" smilie is there for a reminder for me to do what I need to do. It's still a daily struggle.

Kimbur ~ Even if you couldn't respond to people, I still love to read your goals & to see what you're doing. Thanks for keeping us updated on your diving adventure. I have May 31 on my mind!

Tunnrida ~ I'm so glad that you're feeling better. I love tea too. You're doing wonderful with your English. How do you say, "Great job!" in Croatian? Awwww . . .. Please take good care of yourself this week. That woman's stuff can be so annoying!

Jho82 ~ It would be nice to have a list of stress reliever options "stickied" on this forum. 'Cause when I'm stressed out, I often forget what options I can do. My mother would do housework! . ... .You are doing awesome with meeting your goals! Lady, look at your water goal. Wasn't it you that were challenged with 48 oz? I smile with your "Feeling great" statements. Oh yea. I miss Mern too when she can't make it on. Don't worry. She'll be here.

rubypeanut ~ Hang in there! You've a lot of changes around your house - as you well know.

mydaywillcome ~ I love your statement in your signature, "It's never too late to change your life for the better, you have the power." You're living proof of that statement. I guess I want to somehow acknowledge what all you've been through. That's great how you're forging ahead and with specific goals!

Freshman30 ~ Glad you're posting with us! You've actually been using FitDay longer than I have. I started last December (2012). Best wishes in meeting all your goals this week!

mhibdon ~ Stay strong!

nobe ~ I like your green. Great going on your water intake!

Cassie ~ You have such nice words of encouragement.

crazigerl ~ Good going on fighting the negative self-talk. For me, that's half the battle! The reason I focus on motivational sayings with my goal setting.

Hope ~ I like your attitude toward life. With that going for you, you'll meet your goals more often than not.

Tori ~ So glad you're better. Stay strong!

Not sure when I'll be back. Probably late tonight. Overall, I'd say I'm developing good habits. I've now been here 3 months already! Amazing.
Best Wishes, Luv
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