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Originally Posted by djwayne2000 View Post
I recently had a double by-pass surgery and now the doctors and nutritionists have put me on a low sodium diet. I'm limited to 1500 mg per day. To hit my target, I'm eating lots of frozen vegetables and Subway Veggie Delite subs. I've dropped 9.4 pounds since I started doing this and my blood sugars have also dropped to very good levels.

You guys are right about manufacturers and restaurants loading up the foods with salt, it's so important to read your labels and know what you're getting.
That's good news about your diet and weight loss. Hitting 1500 mg per day is a real accomplishment. It's ridiculously difficult to do, even when eating lots of veggies.

Yup, between all the sodium and high fructose corn syrup they pump into foods these days it's pretty much like a silent war is being waged against the public. They're killing us and it's up to individuals to get smart about nutrition and to take back control of their diet.

Think of food as fuel for the body instead of feeding emotions
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