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I'll tell ya what's working for me...a package of frozen spinach for lunch and a 12" Veggie Delite Sub from Subway for dinner. This keeps me full and the weight is coming off a little every day. Of course I snack a little here and there, but the subs and spinach are magic for me. I'm down 9.4 pounds since I started doing this about a month ago.

With my Fit Day program, I set up a goal chart and I can see how the weight is coming off on the weight chart. I weigh my self every morning and enter it into Fitday and it's a perfect record for me.

My options for the sub are:
12 inch
9 Grain Honey Oat Bread
cheddar cheese
spinach and lettuce
everything except pickles and hot peppers
Sweet Onion dressing and Lite mayo.

Stay away from the lunch meats as they are loaded with sodium.
Sodium = water retention = weight gain.
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