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awesome job becca - 1.4 is quite an accomplishment at this stage in the game i think! thanks also for your tip about having a cheat day to break a plateau.

does anyone else watch the biggest loser? i've never really watched it before but given that i live in europe and my tv choices are limited, i often download tv shows to my ipod to watch in the gym, so i gave this one a try and i'm hooked. they eat 1,200 a day and work out 6 hours a day - i'm starting to think i can push myself a little harder than i have been if they can do that...maybe my 1,500 calories a day + workouts a few times a week just aren't aggressive enough to get me to my goal, especially now that i'm over 30. thoughts?

a friend of mine works in advertising and has asked me to do a bikini shoot for stussy...NEXT WEEK. i'm not ready and i'm totally freaking out. haven't decided...
Sara Jane

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Secretly-would-love-to-be: 118.0 (5/5/12)
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