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I FEEL GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I slept in and went over on my calories today but just had a wicked workout so I think they should cancel each other out!!!!

Weight trained for 30 min/ Elliptical for 30 min!!!! AND just added up my water intake 90 oz Yoozers!! How many times am I going to be up tonight LOL I really do need to start the day with a workout so I can be pumped like this - maybe one day...

Tunn - glad your feeling better - I used to work crazy hours and they really do mess you up!

Mike - You got time!! I have faith!

Tori - whats wrong with ponytail city?? I usually don't even make it that far and its this half bun thing thats falling out...its awful. Maybe I should steal that goal from you LOL... tears and snot - its just the way we roll! Let it out hunny!

Fresh - Hello!!! You can do it!!! Nice goals this week!
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