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Default Finally!

Good Evening!

Alright, now that my spell of bullheadedness is over, and my obsessive posting, and research is done. No more excuses. Action Time
Just quickly though. I've gotten a few questions in the past few days regarding, if I loved my weight before, what made me gain? I was a binger. Why? The death of my oldest brother when I was twelve, some abuse, my move to the states from Europe, and my struggle with ADD. I am not looking for sympathy, my friends. This is for starting over, not looking back! Erik (my brother) made the best of his life on Earth, and loved every second of it. I know he want's me to as well. Here's to a new week chock full of opportunity.

1. 1 hr of biking M/W/F
2. 30mins weights 30 mins biking T/Th/S
3. Attempting to consume 600-1200 calories daily
4. 64oz water daily

1. Do better at keeping a schedule, and sticking to it. Procrastination sucks.
2. Write down all my goals that I want achieved by June 1st
3. Do not compare myself to any other female. I am who I am.
4. Don't stress over minor things.
5. Make more time for my mother
6. Look in a mirror every day, do not point out any flaw, and smile.

Saving the World
1. Tomorrow morning I am speaking privately with my school's vice principal before school starts, about how the staff giving extreme lenience to the dress code policy, contributes to the school system's downfall across the USA, by causing more self consciousness, distraction, bullying, and students viewing the teacher's carelessness as being totally ok. This does not follow the goals of school systems here in the states seeing as though the goal is to create a learning environment.

I tend to get really passionate and into what I say, I'm a bit of a talker if you haven't noticed. d: Wish me luck. Here's hoping I don't get expelled for saying to much. Have a good week everyone!
-Ht. 5'5
-Peak weight/1st Weigh In:2.27.12- 261lbs
- Last Weigh In 3.22.12: 240
1st MiniGoal-200-210 5.10.2012
-Overall Goal: 130-140lbs 3.18.13
-RIP Erik, my brother and best friend.-
-I will succeed. love my healthy & appealing shape,be healthy, live a long wonderful life, & make sure I'm the best me I can be for myself, my fam, friends,& fiancee. It's never to late to change your life for the better, you have the power.
-Proud USMC Fiancee
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