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Default PC v1 vs. v2?


I've used Fitday version 1 since about 2003. Off and on at first and then quite consistently. I have been thinking of getting the new version 2 but concerned I will have to "start over" loading all of my custom foods back in and also lose all of my historical data.

I e-mailed FitDay to find out what the differences are between v1 and v2 and they sent me here to the forums. Can you share the differences between the 2 versions? Do you like v2? Were you able to transfer your data?

Sorry for all the questions! Just trying to be an informed consumer if I decide to make this move. My thinking is that v2 has a better and more current food database, and other things....

BTW, I don't use the on-line version anymore ever since I got the PC version and I have no intention of paying for premium. So, if I go to v2 I would continue with sole use of the PC version (until they also get an android app).
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