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Mai, well you can put the Vitnamese food behind you and start fresh.

Luv, I didn't notice you spelled your word differently from how you wanted to. I read it to mean "bad attitude"--looked OK to me. LOL I surely do welcome the new week--gotta launder the baked beans out of my shirt, though. (just kidding) It certainly does take a lot of time and effort to change habits. But it's all worth it. Wow, it's wonderful the way you mome educate your kids. You certainly do give it your all! Great that your older DD enjoys being more adult-like.

Mike, we all know you're one of the good guys. I hope you can reward yourself with the bike soon. I SORT of have my meal plan figured out and SORT of not. I baked some chicken thighs ahead for snacks and lunches, but couldn't figure out what to have for dinner tonight and I feel lazy, so may just eat a thigh and a salad. DH can eat chicken and some leftover spaghetti and a salad. Hey, congrats on reaching your auto policy goal!

Ama, that's great that you only have 8 lbs. to go to a great new swimsuit! We're all cheering you on!

Tori, you can do it. Just start fresh again with this post if you haven't restarted already. It's hard sometimes--you're not alone. Big hug to ya!

Terri, I'm sure it was frustrating when you found you'd been kept out of the loop with your sister's illness. Glad you know your family just didn't want to worry you. Did you tell them, then, that you prefer to know in the future and did they agree to keep you posted? Best to you on all your goals this week, too.

Jho, wow, those were great ideas on stress relief that you posted to Tori! Mine is not very original--I fix myself a nice hot cup of tea and play Scrabble on the computer or if I'm upset with family I go for a drive alone.

April, why were you up and working at 4AM???? With all that heavy work you did, I'll bet that bit of junk food did you no harm. Nice goals! And what a nice compliment. You and I think alike--when I read the word "glowing" I thought the same thing. LOL OMG, my mouth was watering over reading about the angel food cake, strawberries, and Cool Whip. Mike suggested that to me last year and I did find a sugar free angel food cake at Meijer. And it tasted as if it were made with regular sugar.

KIM! You are welcome here any time whether you have time to participate in group discussions or not. I'm glad Mike went to find you! Aw, we all fall off the wagon from time to time--it's getting back on each time that counts. Thanks for updating us on your dive practice. Ooh, must be awful being in water so cold. Any way to compensate for that? Golly, always put your exercise ahead of catching up--it's darned near impossible to keep up with this group's yackiness! LOL
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