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Originally Posted by amalthea1892 View Post
To destress I grab a good mystery novel and a glass of wine. My brain does not shut-off with meditation, yoga, or massage, so distraction and diversion are my go-to options. Also drawing/painting are good distractions. If I can get into that right-brain mode reality ceases to exist for a period of time. But not a good idea if DS is around (hence the black marking pen all over my couch incident while I was not paying attention...).

Tori - I hope you feel better soon.
Jho- Thanks for the ideas!

Ama - I do that too!! I can't believe it wasn't on my list! I had hubby put in a deep soaker tub for me in the master bath - I'm sure gonna miss that when we move! I'm into the romance novels right - I like to really get into a series with reoccurring characters!
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