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Originally Posted by kimbur96 View Post
Hi All!

First off thank you mike for the PM checking on me

I have been super busy and felt like i wasn't really contributing but just taking in the good from all of you and felt bad so I stopped checking in. But I am hoping to get a little bit of balance back in my life this week.

The last week was a disaster as far as goals. I not only fell off the wagon but I think it ran me over. lol. I was helping teach a deep diving class so my schedule was tossed out the window. Food was a lot of restaurants and bad stuff. But It's a new week, so I'm going to keep it simple:

1) Calories 1600
2) 2-3 hours cardio
3) lift 3-4 x week
4) Water lots and lots of water 80oz+
5) least once. This is new for me but hoping it will help settle some nerves.

A quick update on me. I am doing good. We did a couple of practice dives the past two weeks. The last was to 410 feet where we completed an emergency drill. It was soooo cold. Colder that the water in florida is supposed to be We are still moving forward for the big dive in May. More and more people are finding out about it and talking to me about it. Which is making it become more real. And a little stressful at the same time.

I will try to read and catch up with everyone tonight. Gotta hit the gym now before i find an excuse not to go.
We all have been run over by the wagon, it hurts when its loaded down with everyone that is in it. 410' is DEEP, and new pics or videos? Good mindset on the workout!
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