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Originally Posted by lastri View Post
Gerl, you said you wear othortic. Do you buy at Dr. Scholl or custom made at the foot doctor? I have 1 make at the foot doctor. But just one pair SOme time I want to wear different shoes and have to move it around.

Lastri, I have to get custom made, I have a really hign arch that Dr. Scholls can't fit. However, I have used them for indoor shoes as I can't afford custom orthotics for every shoe.
Just make sure you don't buy the orthotics where you walk over a mat, they are pretty well the same as Dr. Scholls. You should get impressions of your feet or I like the hard plastic that is directly molded to my foot. I have to go to the hospital for them but they feel good. I'm also looking at the Vibramshoes as my girlfriend saysshe has had less hassle with her PF since she started wearing them. I think for people with high arches it's questionable whether they would work but might try them.

Today I did The firm video for dancing. Zumba tonight.
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