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I'm waddling back in. Again. Up my normal 3-4lbs after TOTM again. So this week will be about taking that back off. I know I dropped off over the weekend (again) but I didn't go all crazy and eat everything in sight or anything. I was on my feet from 4am-2:30pm Saturday. Then from about 9am-3:30pm Sunday. That is what doing housework, running the carpet scrubber, folding laundry (standing) and cleaning out the inside of a camper will do to ya! I felt entitled to eat a little bit of junk last night even though I knew I didn't need it, I was starving hungry. Probably from all the activity of the two days. So on to my goals...

Health / Fitness ...
1. 100 oz water daily
2. Shred 5 days this week (weekend will probably be off) M: Yes,
3. No Diet Coke (lent)
4. No salt added to my plate
5. Walk on lunch - 10miles again this week would be awesome M: 36min - 2miles,
6. Carbs under 50%
7. Watch Level 3 of 30 Day Shred so I know what I'm in for.
8. Weigh and post it daily M: 263.4lbs, Weight change so far this week:

Life Goals ...
1. Read something for 1/2 hr a day not on the internet (I am going to get this!)
2. Take dogs for a walk at least once (gotta get them ready for camping this summer and Chloe is a tornado on a leash)
3. Scrub the insides of the camper canvases
4. Put curtains back up in camper
5. Rug scrubber family room (weekend)
6. Laundry every day
7. If I am tired, go to sleep instead of bobbing my head while trying to stay awake

A customer made a wonderful comment today. It went like this:
Her: "Did you do something different with your hair? A new cut or color?"
Me: "Nope"
Her: "Your face looks different. Have you lost weight?"
Me: "Yes"
Her: "I knew it was something! You look so pretty! You are absolutely glowing!"

I was just happy that the glow wasn't meaning she was going to ask if I was pregnant!!! LOL

Tori ... I am so glad that you are back. Don't worry about a little red in your report. It's very hard to stay strict with yourself when you are going through something. Please don't feel that you can't cry. I'm sure there are more appropriate times, but crying is a wonderful stress reliever.

Cassie ... I hope you are okay this week. You mentioned that you are sick.

Hope ... I love that your DD had the cast all over for a party. That is huge! ... You have great goals this week.

Mike ... Three acts of kindness? That's quite a bit!

Nobe ... I hope you don't kill your soon to be ex-boss today! Orange isn't a very flattering color!

Luv ... I love that hula-hooper!

Tunnrida ... I hope your stomache ache clears up. I'm wondering the same thing, is it acid from not eating bread?

Jho82 ... It's hard to wake early when everyone else is still asleep. I was up at 5:30 this morning to do my DVD before getting ready for work and waking everyone else up. I much prefer getting up at 4 and making hubby's lunch, sending him to work at 5 and then working out. It's easier knowing someone else is awake and suffering with me!! LOL

Quinn ... You are definitely worth it! Time for some 'you' time!

Mern ... I need to work on portion sizes too. ... I have recently fell in love with strawberries. I had a serious issue walking away from some at the grocery store the other night because they weren't in my budget. They were so plump and red and I bet they were juicy too. I'm getting them Wednesday though to make my oldest son's birthday cake. He wants angel food cake with cool whip & strawberries. Yum! I'm debating if I want to try to go sugar free on the cake or not. Other people will have to eat it too.

Mai ... How is your P90X going? I'm almost ready for level three of the 30 day shred with jillian. Two more days of level two.

Terri ... I hope your sister adjusts to her new meds. ... Wow! That is a lot of interviews. I hope that whichever one is the best fit for you is the one to offer you a position.

Ama ... I love you awesome hubby goal! They all need to hear that sometimes!
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