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Happy Monday everyone! Last week there was a lot too much red in my goals list, but I am looking forward to starting clean and having a green week! My Hubby is back to work (whew!) so the eating out will be much less, and his home-style Southern fried cooking will be replaced with my California cuisine. Indeed last week was very tasty, but the scale hardly budged (but it did not go up at least ). I tried on swimsuits at Kohl’s Saturday and still need to get about 8lbs off before I buy. I think I can do that by May if I keep a good momentum!

Nose to the grindstone starting today through this week!

1- Daily calories <1500.
2- Water 70oz minimum.
3- Gym – 2x this week.
4- Exercise at home – nightly for 15 minutes (except gym nights).
5- Cook healthy meals.
6- No food after dinner.
7- Follow Stay Clean Pact!

1- Busy week at work – don’t stress!
2- Do a little housework each day so it does not pile up.
3- Take extra time each night to teach ABCs to DS.
4- Tell Hubby he is awesome!

For fellow space junkies ( )

Age 39, Height 5’6”
Short term goal: Fit into my favorite old Levis 515’s – and still be able to breathe. (3-5 lbs to go)
Short term goal #2: Be able to wear a swim suit this summer and not feel like I need to suck in my stomach all the time. (8lbs to go + a miracle suit)
Long term goal: Live a healthy lifestyle; physically, mentally and spiritually.
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