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Originally Posted by canary52 View Post
I am stealing some of your goals since mine do not always work (but I will add some of those too.) First two are Mike's. Third one is Nobe's. Thanks , guys!!!

I can do this because I am, you got it, BAD TO THE BONE!!! B-B-B-B-B-B-B-BAD. But not apparently as bad as Nobe, who I hope looks good in instituitonal orange. You are too funny, girl!!!!!

Hi Quinn!!!! You definitely are worth investing in and I bet if you ask him nicely, Mike will kick your butt!!!
It's okay to steal/borrow goals. I'll be nice to Quinn.

Originally Posted by quinnesec View Post
Good Morning!

All of the big, life-changing events that have been occurring since Christmas are all sorted out, for the most part, and it is well past time for me to take time to invest in my own health, happiness and well-being... in other words, I have to kick my butt into gear and clean up my diet!

Woke up to 21 degrees this morning which will make hiking a challenge... grrrrr.

On to this week's goals:

1. One hour of "Me Time" every afternoon.
2. Calories at or below 1200.
3. Weigh daily.
4. Water bottle with at all times.
5. No bread, cheese or butter, etc.
6. Take all vitamins and supplements.
8. Hike or walk 3 times this week.
Nice goals there. It's good that everything is getting sorted out.

Originally Posted by Mern View Post
In addition to the Eat Clean Pact this week I'm going to work on reducing my portion sizes somewhat--not drastically--just enough to save some calories, fat, and carbs over the course of the day. Each little bit can add up. To start with this morning, I cut my egg, mushroom, and roasted red pepper sauce breakfast by 25% and didn't miss it. For my lunch wrap I think I'll skip the 1/2 low carb tortilla and double up on the fresh spinach rolled up inside turkey breast and low fat Swiss Cheese--with whole grain mustard instead of horseradish sauce. Haven't decided about how to cut calories or carbs at dinner, but I'll brag that I was going to have 3 oz. pineapple until I pre-logged it and saw it contains more than 1/3 my carb allowance for the entire day--so I'm going to the store to get strawberries instead.

Quinn, your new nickname for Mike should be BB--BAD to the BONE LOL

Mike, so when are you getting the new bike?
Sounds like you have your meal plan figured out. I'm not bad to the bone, that bike is bad to the bone. I guess I will have to be bad to the bone to tame that beast! If I can increase my auto premiums by $100k in 6 months, I'll reward myself with the bike. I'm think around the end of the 3rd qtr.

Originally Posted by fit4luv View Post
Mike ~ If you want, you may look at my end goals of last week. I drank 100 oz daily since the day you challenged me. Thank you. I'm incorporating 100 oz to my goals. I love your goals with it's emphasis on 3 & the song to go with it. Ha! Ha! You always have such fun links.
Nice job on the water!!! I knew you could do it.
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