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*Jho82, Mern, Ama, nobe, Hope, Amy, & Luv*

*STARTS anew weekly thru 4/28. Sun MN thru Sat MN.*
"You can set your own clean eating terms--it may mean different things for different people Just be honest with yourselves--there are no food police here." ~ Mern
Please let me know if you want to opt in or out.

---> Jho82, Mern & Luv are in this week for sure. I'll go back & re-read some threads to make sure I didn't miss the others. You can also shout it out at me. ________________________________

Tori ~ Good to see ya! Thanks for starting the thread. Awwwww. . . .Can't you even cry in secret?

Cassie ~ I missed you. You're a motivator around here.

nobe ~ Good going on you taking advantage of a changed situation! Ha! Ha! I'm thrilled that you're choosing the "non-murder" way to weight-loss.

Hope ~ Get good sleep & then we have a new week full of possibilities! I learn from others around here about goals too. I borrow as well. As long as it suits you, that's all that matters.

crazigerl ~ Are you set for a new week?

Mike ~ If you want, you may look at my end goals of last week. I drank 100 oz daily since the day you challenged me. Thank you. I'm incorporating 100 oz to my goals. I love your goals with it's emphasis on 3 & the song to go with it. Ha! Ha! You always have such fun links.

Tunnrida ~ Please be careful with your nutrition choices! I'm sorry for you stomach pain. Do you think you have the flu?

Jho82 ~ I know that about getting up before the kids. I messed up big time this morning too with that one. I can get so much more done without interruptions AND wake up more quietly.

quinn ~ I really hope that you'll be able to get your "me" time in this week. That's one reason I like to get up before the kids - which didn't happen today. I recharge my battery & prepare myself for the day that way.

Mai ~ I too am thankful for a new week. Weekends are a challenging time for me as well. I think I need to find ways to make sure I'm active.

Mern ~ Yup! I love the smiley too. So this week when I'm tempted, I'll think of the smiley doing its hula hoop. I laughed out loud on last week's thread when you described your "fall" into the baked beans & coming up with the cake. You're too funny! I'm just glad that Monday morning is a new day & start of a new week.

It's a real challenge to get my Health Habits & Home Management Habits to run smoothly. Have you thought about when you change habits, how it takes a lot of time & effort? I think after a while it will settle down.

I also home educate my kids & so need to spend time with them that way. We all have time limitations, and so therein lies the challenge. I'm always trying to find new & better ways to fit it all in, or rather, what to best let go. Right now I'm typing this on one of our little breaks. These days, I'm training my girls to be independent in certain areas, according to their ages so that in the morning they follow through on an independent routine. While they do that, I exercise among other things. Then we have meet-ups. It's paying off with the older one, and she likes being more "adult" like.
Best Wishes, Luv
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