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In addition to the Eat Clean Pact this week I'm going to work on reducing my portion sizes somewhat--not drastically--just enough to save some calories, fat, and carbs over the course of the day. Each little bit can add up. To start with this morning, I cut my egg, mushroom, and roasted red pepper sauce breakfast by 25% and didn't miss it. For my lunch wrap I think I'll skip the 1/2 low carb tortilla and double up on the fresh spinach rolled up inside turkey breast and low fat Swiss Cheese--with whole grain mustard instead of horseradish sauce. Haven't decided about how to cut calories or carbs at dinner, but I'll brag that I was going to have 3 oz. pineapple until I pre-logged it and saw it contains more than 1/3 my carb allowance for the entire day--so I'm going to the store to get strawberries instead.

Luv, the hula hoop smiley is so cute. LOL I'm in on the Eat Clean Pact again this week--same as before, no junk except my SF chocolate and pork rinds that keep me from falling off the wagon. I didn't even try to be good Saturday, though, so cheated anyway with carb-loaded baked beans with brown sugar and a snack cake.

Tunnrida, is the stomach pain associated with the lack of bread? Like does the bread help absorb excess stomach acid or something? Feel better soon! If you mentioned it before, I'm sorry I missed it: you converse like an American. If non-Croation, what do you do there?

Tori, Cassie, Quinn, welcome back, even if you don't have time to be super-chatty like some of us. We're just glad to have you sharing the journey to better health with us.

Cassie, feel better soon! Big gentle hug to ya!

Quinn, your new nickname for Mike should be BB--BAD to the BONE LOL

Mike, so when are you getting the new bike?

Hope, you are one nice mama to have that many kids over on such short notice! Glad the play went so well.

Nobe, wishing you a calm and satisfying last day of work.
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