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Default A new week!

Katy I can't sleep either. I'm currently residing under my covers typing this out on my iPad because I'm too lazy to hop over to the computer and the rest of the family are really light sleepers. Nice goals! Personally, I have trouble keeping up with more than four goals at a time but I guess that's ones own preference. Good luck on saving the world! I think what you're doing is great but its also the stores fault too. I went shopping yesterday and couldn't find anything but super short short shorts. Stores don't even make proper shorts anymore!

Everyone who replied to my weighing in question thanks! I used to weigh myself in the afternoons because I didn't have much time in the mornings, but after reading this I think I might try to fit in some time before I hop on the bus because at least that way I have an entire fresh day to fix any bad readings I got on the scale.

Mern thanks again! But I find that once I start being lenient with one goal, I end up being lenient with everything else and eventually fall off the wagon completely. So why don't we call it a yellow day? Lol. I too have days where I eat just because I want to and can't come up with a better excuse. But it never hurts me too much because I get angry with myself and force myself to do a double workout.

New goal alert! water. I usually drink a lot of water and don't bother to record it but since everyone's doing it, I'm going to do it to! Haha. Anyway, a goal of 60oz a day for me. I'm also shooting for an entire day without chocolate. I don't know if I can make it... But I'll try!

Oh, and by the way, good morning everyone! Hope today will be a successful one for all of you!
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