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I am stealing some of your goals since mine do not always work (but I will add some of those too.) First two are Mike's. Third one is Nobe's. Thanks , guys!!!

1) Walk 3 x
2) gym 3 x
3) 1650 per day (plus one cheat)
4) 6 glasses of water
5) meditate
6) write one hour per day
7) return books to library ( surely I can do that? My name is not Shirley - remember from the movie Airplane?)
9) 3 servings of veg minimum
10) be a stretchy mama

I can do this because I am, you got it, BAD TO THE BONE!!! B-B-B-B-B-B-B-BAD. But not apparently as bad as Nobe, who I hope looks good in instituitonal orange. You are too funny, girl!!!!!

Hi Quinn!!!! You definitely are worth investing in and I bet if you ask him nicely, Mike will kick your butt!!!

Tunnrider, I hope your tummy feels better!!!

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