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Mai, you get a “BIDIA” (But I did it anyway) award – they often come with the phrase “feel good now”.

Nice work Tunnrida – Jillian can be quite a task mistress!

Pam – sounds like a great experience – how long will you be able to ski?

Crazigerl, how wonderful to exercise your soul and body a the same time

I also got in some good gardening on Saturday – Sunday was too cold. We had a “false spring” but back to normal March weather now. I slept badly last night, but had an appointment with a trainer so had to get up – he wasn’t there (it was a bit of an informal appointment), and I didn’t have the brain to do weight lifting (which is my normal Monday), so I just got on a treadmill – however the one I chose was defective, the incline down button didn’t work so once you got to a certain level, you were stuck there (well, you could turn it off). I went pretty slow and hilly because I didn’t feel any energy, but felt good as it went along. Hope this coffee works!

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