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Question Overdoing it?

Hi Olivia,

Everything you're doing sounds like really good ideas, I'm just a little nervous with the amount of everything. Two hour long walks a day is great but how do you find the time? And then you're suppose to add in 10 sit ups an hour (I've tried this, it's an amazing theory) or doing reps of something during commercial breaks..all great in theory but after a while it'll get lost in your day. When did you start all this/going to start?

From personal experience I've found it's easier to set specific time(s) (one for walking the dog, one for another routine--just one a day) and keeping it at that. If you add too much on too fast you'll burn yourself out QUICK and it will have a negative affect.

Also, cardio is good but I'm a firm believer that you need strength training to burn any kind of fat; muscle burns fat so although you can do hours of cardio, you'd get better results if you take half that time spent and put it towards weights. If you're looking for more exercise help I would suggest if for no other reason than to find a support network and gain more information.

Hope this helps at least a little,
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