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I'm in, especially after my last few days. DD called and said hi could we have 40 or 50 of the cast members of the high school play over our house in about the next hour or so? So I said sure and got snacks for that many and 30 or so showed up. So guess who ate the leftovers? (OK mostly the pigs in blankets which for some bizarre reason I can't resist.)

I will post goals tomorrow. I am fried after seeing a high school production of Urinetown 4 days in a row and helping the "dramas mamas" raise money selling snacks. The production was FABULOUS BTW.

Welcome back, Torala (my new nickname for you, Tori) I'm not sure why you are tempted to cry, my dear, but big hugs. May it be a better week.

And Cassie Bubbelah, I missed you. So many of us missed you. I think we were about to form a search party and bring you back, you mean much to this thread.

Crazie and Mike howdy!!!!! Mike I am a slacker. I admit it. This week (which is crazy busy) I will pick up that slack.


New week, new week, am I right? (and I say that with pigs in blankets lingering on my breath....)

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